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Responsible for carrying blood to the heart, veins play a vital role in the overall health of the body. Nonetheless, having visible veins can have an impact on your aesthetic appeal. This is especially true for the area of delicate skin near and around the eyes.

Periorbital veins bring blood to the vessels in the eyes. They are visible in the upper and lower eyelids. These veins can range in color from red to blue or purple and can make the area surrounding the eye look dark or discolored. While these vessels are found all around the body, they are especially visible around the eye area because the skin is thin, and there is a lack of subcutaneous fat.

As with any other type of troublesome vein, laser treatments can be very effective. Lasers such as 532nm LBO and 1064nm Nd:YAG can be used to quickly and painlessly reduce the appearance of periorbital veins. The laser’s light heats up the hemoglobin inside the blood vessels, causing them to close permanently and leaving the eye area brighter and smoother. Additionally, it is worth noting that this treatment has no impact on blood flow to the eye. 

The Nd:YAG laser is the ideal tool for treating periorbital veins, as it can home in on smaller areas and specifically target the veins. The beam of light emitted from this laser is of a similar wavelength to the color of the blood and veins that are being treated. 

When the Nd:YAG’s infrared light makes contact with the vein, it results in a burst of heat that causes coagulation in the blood of the targeted veins. This coagulation creates a blockage in the veins and forces the blood to stop flowing through them. The vein eventually dies, and the tissue is reabsorbed by the body, causing it to fade away from the skin’s surface. As a result, the blood in the area is rerouted to veins that are deeper below the surface, preventing future problems from arising. 

Surrounding tissues may incur slight damage from the heat, but this is minimal. While some redness and swelling are common, they usually resolve in a day or two. The treatment lasts only a few minutes and there is little discomfort as anesthesia is administered. Throughout the entire procedure, the eyes are covered by shields that are impenetrable by laser light. 

POV Laser Before & After: 

(Immediately after treatment with laser to improve the prominent blue vein on the eyelid. Mild redness and swelling are normal and may last a few days. Multiple (1-3) treatments may be necessary for complete treatment. Results last 1 year or more.)

In many cases, only a single session is needed to reduce the appearance of a vein. If further work is required, a follow-up treatment can be done 3 to 4 weeks following the first appointment. On average, patients see significant improvement by the 6-week mark. As with any cosmetic procedure, having a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner is essential for satisfactory results. 

While results are permanent, it is recommended that patients take proper sun precautions, as they can lead to the appearance of new veins. Other factors such as oily skin, hormones, and genetics can also play a role.

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