Aging comes with facial changes, including hollows, sagging skin, and wrinkles. Excess skin has been thought to be the hallmark of facial aging for many years.  Today, excess skin is seen as a symptom of facial fat loss.  Facial fat transfer is designed to inject fat back into the affected areas to help restore the facial volume and support the areas of the face that make it look youthful.

What Is Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial fat transfer can go by several names, including facial fat grafting and facial fat injections. The procedure involves taking fat from one area of the body, processing it into smooth micro-fat, and injecting it into another area. This can help add volume back to hollow facial areas or be used to smooth facial lines and wrinkles. The fat transfer works as a natural filler with long-lasting results.

Subtle Changes, and Still You

As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Levin is able to make subtle changes to enhance your facial anatomy, while still ensuring you look like yourself. You'll leave everyone wondering what your beauty secrets are.

What is the cost of Facial Fat Transfer with Dr. Levin?

Facial Fat Transfer pricing starts at $6000. Come for a consultation, so you can get a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Facial Fat Transfer Steps

The first step is the removal of fat, called harvesting. The fat can be removed from different areas with an excess of fat, including the abdomen, flanks, or thighs, through a very small incision. During your consultation with Dr. Levin, she will discuss which area will be best for you. The fat is removed with a blunt long tube called a cannula specifically designed to obtain small particles of fat gently. Next, the fat is purified and cleaned. This ensures there are no other particles and there is no blood or tissue. The fat is then processed into micro-fat.

The advantage of micro-fat is greater fat survival, improved predictability, and less post-procedure inflammation.  It has a smooth consistency with less risk of lumps, especially under the thin lower eyelid skin. The fat is then ready to be injected into the desired areas with a small cannula. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia and light sedation. Dr. Levin frequently performs fat transfer at the time of lower blepharoplasty surgery to achieve the most natural, long-lasting results of the eyelids and face.

6 Weeks Later With Lower Blepharoplasty With Fat Transfer

6 Weeks After Lower Blepharoplasty with Fat Transfer

Before & After

What Is the Recovery for Facial Fat Transfer?

In the first few days after your procedure, you should rest and avoid strenuous activities such as bending, lifting, and exercise. You may experience some bruising and swelling in the areas. Discomfort is usually minimal. The swelling is most prominent in the first 1-2 weeks, but mild focal swelling may last longer. It may take 2-4 months to see the final results of your procedure, which will last many years.

Facial Fat Transfer Pricing 

Facial Fat Transfer starts at $6,000. This is the surgical fee and does not include the anesthesia or facility fees. Come for a consultation to develop a customized treatment plan and receive a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Can I Combine Facial Fat Transfer With Other Procedures?

Yes! A facial fat transfer can be combined with various other procedures to maximize the results and provide a more profound facial rejuvenation. During your consultation with Dr. Levin, you can discuss your goals for the procedure, and she can make recommendations on other treatment combinations for you to consider.

For those who are interested in surgical procedures, facial fat transfer can be combined with an eyelid lift or brow lift. Non-surgical treatments that make an excellent companion to facial fat transfer include laser skin resurfacing. 

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Meet Dr. Flora Levin

Dr. Flora Levin is an oculofacial plastic surgeon based in Westport, Connecticut. As an oculofacial surgeon, she has a deep understanding of facial structure and rejuvenation. She is a board-certified surgeon, which is a reflection of her medical knowledge and surgical skill. During your consultation with Dr. Levin, you can ask questions about the procedure and express any concerns. It is an open forum to help you feel comfortable and confident on your journey. After your consultation, Dr. Levin will create a treatment plan tailored to your aesthetic goals. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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